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What Does Working in Horticulture Education Look Like?

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Many of the students that pursue this program want to teach post-secondary horticulture, either at the community college or university level.

Responsibilities vary according to education level and from community college to college and university positions. In general, professors:

  • Develop and adapt curriculum.
  • Instruct via lecture, discussions, lab and office hours.
  • Document student progress and maintain student records.
  • Perform research, present findings and innovate.
  • Supervise undergraduate or graduate research and instruction.
  • Enforce community college, college or university policies and rules regarding governing students.
  • Contribute to academic and scientific journals.

Community college instructors do not typically engage in research, whereas college and university professors usually devote a significant amount of their time, energy and resources to research or supervision of research.

Horticulture Education Salary and Forecast

Horticulture professors typically earn a state median salary of $82,730.

Horticultural Science Professor Salary

Job opportunity growth for professors is forecasted to increase at a rate of 9-13% per year.

Horticulture Professor Job Forecast

What Education is Required to Work as a Horticulture Educator?

Professors at universities and colleges typically have a doctorate. However, many community college instructors have a bachelor’s degree and pursue a master’s degree while teaching at the community college level.

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Horticulture Educator Job Opportunities

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