Horticultural Consultant / Crop Advisor

Examine ornamental and edible crops to determine health. Advise farmers, growers and managers of horticultural production operations on best ways to improve yield or health of plants.


What Does Working as a Horticulture Consultant Look Like?

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If you pursue this career, you will most likely do the following:

  • Work with plants, herbs, shrubs, trees, fruits, vegetables, soils and fertilizers to gain expertise.
  • Tour and evaluate gardens, grounds, nurseries, greenhouses, fields and other horticultural growing centers with the intent of diagnosing problems and recommending solutions that will improve crop yield or plant growth.
  • Draw up plans, connect clients with suppliers and service workers and document progress.

To build this career, you need to understand horticultural science basics and have good managerial skills.

Horticulture Consultant Salary

Those working horticultural consultant jobs earn a national median salary of $45,320, but those in North Carolina can expect to earn a state median salary of $53,510.

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What Education is Required to Work as a Horticultural Consultant?

Wondering how to become a horticultural consultant? Most horticultural consultants have at minimum a post-secondary certificate, and more typically, a bachelor’s degree. A small percentage have advanced degrees and even doctorates.

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Horticulture Consultant Job Opportunities

There are many different types of related horticultural consultant jobs to choose from. The following are just a few of the common job titles graduates of horticultural science programs qualify for:

  • Horticultural Consultant
  • Horticultural Specialist
  • Horticultural Advisor
  • Crop Advisor

Explore horticultural consultant and crop advisor job opportunities.

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