Undergraduate Certificate FAQs

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Is there financial aid available?

Financial aid eligibility is determined by the Financial Aid Office. We encourage you to contact your financial aid advisor in the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid. Criteria for funding is based on academic merit, demonstrated financial need, and enrollment in multiple Distance Education courses per semester. For additional information, please visit NC State’s Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid website, or call (919) 515-2421. NC State also offers a monthly payment plan.

What does it cost?

The standard tuition charge per academic credit hour for in-state and out-of-state students, as applicable. See DELTA for current tuition fees.

How much time will it take?

The University Certificate in General Horticulture requires 15 credit hours. Students pursuing university certificate programs are considered non-degree studies (NDS) students for the purpose of university registration; NDS students may register for a maximum of 6 credit hours per semester. Thus, the University Certificate in General Horticulture may be completed in as little as three academic terms.

How do I register?

After acceptance into the program, NC State students may register for courses online using their Unity IDs, Unity password and PIN. For complete registration instructions, visit DELTA.

What courses do I have to take?

The Undergraduate Certificate in Horticultural Science requires enrollees complete, within four years of enrollment, five courses (15 credit hours) chosen from a web-based list. A program may include as many as five or as few as four courses in horticultural science. Courses selected must be approved by the student’s advisor.

How do I gain admission?

Enrollment is through the Department of Horticultural Science and the University Non-Degree Studies Program. Apply directly to the Non-Degree Studies Program and email the departmental application to Ms. Elisabeth Meyer. To learn more about the application process, visit our Apply page.

Are there prerequisites for the Undergraduate Certificate?

Participants must hold a high school diploma or equivalent to enroll in this program. Once enrolled, students must receive a minimum grade of C (2.0) in all courses.

How will the Undergraduate Certificate help me?

Whether you simply have an interest in increasing your knowledge of the subject or are currently employed in the industry, the Undergraduate Certificate courses will equip you with an understanding of the basic concepts of horticultural science. The knowledge you gain from these courses will be applicable in a variety of situations, whether at home or on the job. Certification demonstrates interest and proficiency to potential employers and may also open new employment opportunities to people already in the horticultural industry.

What is the Undergraduate Certificate program?

The Undergraduate Certificate Program in Horticultural Science is a distance education non-degree program offered through the Department of Horticultural Science. The program is designed to provide a strong foundation in the principles of horticultural science with an emphasis on current technologies and environmentally responsible practices.

I am enrolled in/have completed the Certificate in Horticultural Science. Can I transfer the credits I earned in that program toward a Master of Horticultural Science degree?

To transfer credits from the Certificate program to the Master’s degree, the following conditions must be met:

  • The course number must be at the 500 level or higher
  • The course must be letter graded
  • The student must have earned a B or better in the course