Understanding the Difference Between the Horticulture Graduate Certificate and Undergraduate Certificate

The Horticultural Science department at N.C. State offers two certificate programs that can be completed entirely online—the Undergraduate Certificate in General Horticulture and the Graduate Certificate in Horticultural Science. Students seeking further education in horticulture in an online format often wonder which of these programs is the best fit for them. This post will clarify[…] Read More

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Careers in Horticultural Science: Three Potential Future Jobs

Often on the minds of those pursuing higher education is a future career or dream job on the other side. In this month’s Horticultural Science Online Blog, we look at three future opportunities for people interested in the horticulture world. Food or Ornamental Plants Operation: Grower or Manager It is common for those interested in[…] Read More

Getting Students Engaged: Innovative Online Teaching

The discipline of horticultural science involves a lot of hands-on activity, so you may be curious about a fully-online program in horticulture. Not to worry, the instructors at NC State are experts in the creative delivery of their courses, using technology to their advantage to deliver students a world-class education. In this month’s Horticulture Science[…] Read More

Field Profile: The American Society for Horticultural Science

In every industry, an overriding body or organization connects professionals within the industry, announces breakthroughs in innovation and awards achievement and excellence. In horticulture, that organization is the American Society for Horticultural Science (ASHS). This month’s Horticultural Science Online Blog reviews ASHS; lists ASHS awards earned by a NC State student and faculty members; and[…] Read More